How to fix Firestick that won't connect to Wi-Fi

How to fix Firestick that won’t connect to Wi-Fi

Amazon Fire TV Stick The internet is what serves you your content. You won’t have access to videos, series or other content if your device is having trouble connecting to the internet. We have several solutions to your problems.

These issues usually occur when your router or device has some technical problems. This issue can usually be resolved by altering some settings in your device. How to fix it.

Fix fire stick won’t connect to wi-fi

Check Your Wi-Fi Connection Status

Your Fire TV Stick could be missing You can connect to the Wi Fi network but not to internet. . When your router cannot establish a connection to your internet service provider, it is called a “blackout”.

Checking the network status of the Stick can help you determine if this is the case.

  1. Select Settings On the Fire TV Stick’s main screen.
Fix fire stick won’t connect to wi-fi
  1. Choose Network Go to the Settings page.
  2. Click the button to highlight your Wi Fi network and click the “Add” button Play/Pause The button can be found on the remote control for your Fire TV Stick.
  3. Fire TV Stick can display information about your internet connections, as well as whether you have an internet connection.
Fix fire stick won’t connect to wi-fi

Reboot Your Wi-Fi Router

Your router may be experiencing connectivity problems if your Fire TV Stick connects to it but does not access the internet. Reboot your router to see if it fixes the issue.

The best way to get started is with Most routers should be restarted To access the web page of your device in your browser, click on this link Maintenance Choose from a similar tab Restart The Router.

Fix fire stick won’t connect to wi-fi

You can do this by turning off the router’s power socket and then switching it back on. Your modem will then reboot.

Connect your Fire TV Stick with your router, and you will see if the connection works.

Restart Your Amazon Fire Stick

Network issues can be caused by minor problems with your Fire TV Stick, such as the one that you are experiencing. Rebooting your Stick is a fast solution to almost all of these issues.

Your Stick can be Restarted All running apps and services are closed and all items are relaunched. Many minor issues can be fixed by this.

  1. Choose the cog icon from your Fire TV Stick’s home screen.
  2. Choose My Fire TV In Setting.
  3. Select Restart In the menu that opens.
Fix fire stick won’t connect to wi-fi
  1. Choose Restart Enter your confirmation code in the prompt.
  2. Fire TV Stick can be connected to Wi-Fi network.

Forget and Rejoin Your Wi-Fi Network

If you have problems connecting to your Fire TV Stick’s Wi-Fi network it is worth uninstalling and adding your connection back to the network saved list. This will allow your Fire TV Stick to establish a new connection with your router.

You’ll need your Wi-Fi password Keep that card handy in case you need to connect to your network.

  1. Open Settings Fire TV Stic.
  2. Choose Network In Setting.
  3. Press the “Add” button to show your network and highlight it on the List Menu On your remote, press the button with three horizontal lines.
  4. Press the Select To forget your network, press the button on your remote.
Fix fire stick won’t connect to wi-fi
  1. Once you’ve removed the network, click on your desired network to be added to the list.
  2. Select the network password you want to use Connect.

The Fire TV Stick should now be connected to Wi-Fi. Keep reading to find out why this might not be the case.

Connect the Fire TV Stick to a Hidden Wi-Fi Network

Yours may be a secret Wi-Fi network It doesn’t broadcast the SSID To connect to your Fire TV Stick with that network, you will need to follow this procedure. Because you can’t see your network in the regular list, this is important.

Remember to keep your password for Wi-Fi handy as it is necessary to establish a connection.

  1. Access Settings Fire TV Stic.
  2. Select Network In Setting.
  3. Choose Join Other Network.
Fix fire stick won’t connect to wi-fi
  1. Select the Wi-Fi network name you want to use and type it in Next.
  2. You can choose the type of security for your wireless networks.
  3. Select the network password you want to use Next.
  4. Check the details and decide if they are correct Connect.

Update Your Amazon Fire TV Stick

Amazon regularly pushes updates to Fire TV Stick software, so there will be fewer issues and bugs with the device. The reason your Stick isn’t connecting to Wi Fi may be due to a software bug. You can correct this by updating the software on your Stick.

You will have to attach your device to an Ethernet cable if the Wi-Fi isn’t working in order to receive the latest updates. Follow these steps once you’ve completed that step to receive the latest updates:

  1. Open Settings Fire TV Stic.
  2. Select My Fire TV In Setting.
  3. Choose About.
  4. Select Check for Updates To find the most recent software updates.
Fix fire stick won’t connect to wi-fi
  1. Choose Install Update To install the updates, click her.
Fix fire stick won’t connect to wi-fi
  1. You can connect your Fire TV Stick and your Wi Fi network.

Factory Reset Your Fire TV Stick

If you don’t have any other options, Fire TV can be reset Keep to your factory settings. This will erase all data and return your Stick to its factory default settings. This will fix any issues that may have been caused by your Stick’s defective configuration.

When you reset your Fire TV Stick, remember that all installed apps as well as their data are lost. You can restart the Fire TV Stick once you’ve completed the reset reinstall your favorite apps You can do it if you like.

  1. Launch Settings Fire TV Stic.
  2. Select My Fire TV In Setting.
  3. Choose Reset to Factory Defaults.
Fix fire stick won’t connect to wi-fi
  1. Select Reset Click the button that opens.
Fix fire stick won’t connect to wi-fi
  1. Follow the instructions on screen to reset.
  2. Get your Fire TV Stick set up Start from scratc.

Get Around Fire TV Device’s Wi-Fi Connection Problems

Fire TV Stick Wi Fi connection issues are not too hard to fix. You can Minor glitches can be corrected Reboot your Stick to fix the problem, change a few settings on it, restart your router, and/or reboot your router.

When you do that, your streaming device will automatically connect to the Internet, giving you access to all of your multimedia content. Enjoy!

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