How to choose multiple files from a Windows PC

How to choose multiple files from a Windows PC

You can delete large videos from a large folder by selecting the files that you do not need, and then deleting them You can free up some space on your computer . Change file names or Extensions can be filed in batch .

Windows offers many options for selecting multiple files. In this guide we will discuss some of them all They are all there.

Select multiple files on a windows pc

Use Ctrl to Select All Files

To select all files within a particular window, hold down the Ctrl Key words and press A. . The keyboard shortcut will select all folders or files. This is useful when you have many files within a folder, but need to remove some that do not belong in the same order.

You might want to eliminate 3 files from different locations in your list, for example, if there are more than 100 files. For this situation, press Ctrl + A To select all files. Press-hold to save the files Ctrl Click on the file you wish to delete by pressing and holding down the left mouse button.

Select all files with ctrl + a

When you have selected the file(s) that interest you, drag your mouse over it and then right-click on the context menu to launch the menu. There are options to either copy or reduce the item, as well as many other options that allow you to move it to another location.

Select Files Using File Explorer

File Explorer has many built-in functions that enable you to modify files or folders. Two functions allow you to select files in various ways.

These options can be found by switching to the Home Click on the tab File Explorer to open it and navigate to the Select If you are Windows 10, please refer to the section. Windows 10 users can access the select options in the drop-down menu by clicking the ellipsis icon from File Explorer’s toolbar.

Select files using file explorer

Selecting the Select all The same effect is achieved by pressing CtrlA. Selects all items from the current folder.

Selecting the Invert selection Option inverts file selection. This means that it selects files currently not selected, and then deselects files currently selected.  

It is useful in many cases. Let’s say, for example, you need to move 30 files into one folder and three others in the other. You first press Ctrl + A To select the items within the folder, deselect any files that you don’t want.  

Move them into the folder you want. Return the folder to which you copied them and then use it Invert selection option. This will select the files and allow you to copy, move or transfer them to another place or external hard drive.

Select files using file explorer

Choose Consecutive Files to Use the Mouse

Drag your cursor across the files that you wish to select. This is the easiest method to choose consecutive files. For selecting files in succession, click left on a blank area beside the file and drag your cursor across the files.

Select consecutive files using the mouse

Use the Shift key to select multiple files

You can combine the shift and other keys to choose files from a set of folders or files that are consecutive. To select files with the Shift key, you can use these key combinations:

  • Shift + Arrow keys
  • Shift + Left Click

What Does Shift + Arrow Key Do?

Imagine that you need to choose five files from a large list. The first file that you would like to begin selecting is the one you can choose Shift + Down arrow. . This will allow you to select the file immediately below. Continue pressing the exact same keys until you have selected all of the files that you wish to choose.

For selecting files upwards, the key combination works in the exact same manner. You can also use the key combination to select files horizontally, if your folder has thumbnails.

What Does Shift + Left Click Do?

There’s an alternative to using the Shift Arrow key repeatedly until you have selected all files Handy keyboard shortcut . 

Next, select the first file that you would like to choose. Press-hold to continue Shift Use the mouse to press the right button and click the file you wish to close the selection. This will make sure that all files are selected between the files you have clicked.

Select consecutive files using the shift key

Choose Files by Using the CTRL Key

You can use Ctrl to select all files. However, the mouse also has the ability to access the Ctrl keys for specific files. The Ctrl key allows you to pick particular files from a large list. This is useful when there are only a few files you want to choose from.

Hold down to select the first option Ctrl Left-click the file you wish to choose. You should note that clicking on the blank space will select all files. This can prove frustrating as it may take some time to pick files from long lists.  

Touch Screen Windows Device Device: Choose Files

Microsoft Surface, or another similar device? Touchscreen device running Windows 11/10 The feature is also available for Windows 7/8/Vista. However, it may be more convenient to activate checkbox selection for choosing multiple files quickly.

Checkboxes can be used to select files by simply clicking on the checkbox for each one. You can click on the items checkbox to place a check mark, which will indicate that you have selected a file. You can then drag and drop the selected files or copy them to another directory.

Different operating systems have different methods of activating checkboxes. Windows 10 is an example. You would need to go to the View Tab from the File Explorer’s top-left and then check the box to the right Item check boxes You can find it in the Show/hide section.

However, Windows 11 users will have to go through the steps above View Select from dropdown menu Show >> Item check boxes.

Select files on a touch screen windows device

If you have an older version of Windows there is an OS-agnostic method to allow item check boxes.

  1. Press the Start button Win + R. controls.exe folders Use the press Enter.
  2. The File is displayed Explorer Options Click on the window to open it. Folder Options also allows you to make any changes. You can switch to the View tab.
  3. Under the Advanced settings Section, search for the item “Alternatives” Use check boxes to select items Make sure to check the box right next to it.
Select files on a touch screen windows device

After you have enabled the item check boxes you can select files by simply checking the boxes beside them:

Select files on a touch screen windows device

It’s easy and convenient to select multiple files

If you are a regular user of a computer, knowing how to choose multiple files can be a useful skill. When moving files you must ensure that you only transfer personal or non-collateral damage files. It’s possible to cause problems with an app’s functionality by moving files out of its folder.

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