How to activate dark mode in Instagram on Windows

How to activate dark mode in Instagram on Windows

Instagram is a social media platform that allows you to share your photos with the world Dark mode on the Android App, This feature is currently not available for those using the Instagram Web version. This article will show you how to disable dark mode in Instagram on Windows. It can help reduce strain and eye irritation.

Enable dark mode on instagram in windows

Get a customized Instagram URL

A custom URL is the best way to use Instagram dark mode. You can use this trick in every web browser.

  1. Open your favorite web browser.
  2. To enter URLs, use the address bar.
  3. Type or copy and paste:
  4. Press Enter.

Then, you’ll head to Instagram, You can login to this site and view the content in dark mode.

Enter a custom instagram url

Consider creating a bookmark instead of typing the URL for Instagram’s dark theme each time Saving the tab For quick acces.

Microsoft Edge add-ons available

Add-ons are great for improving your browser’s capabilities. You can also use it for dark mode for Instagram in Microsoft Edge.

If you go to the Microsoft Edge add-ons website, You can use the search function to find Instagram dark modes options.

You should also check out this extension Night Mode Instagram . . This add-on is completely free and comes with no strings.

  1. You can add Night Mode Instagram to your toolbar after installing it. Choose the extensions The button is the “puzzlepiece” and you can then click on it Show in toolbar The drop-down menu will show icon, which is an eye with a line.
Install an add-on for microsoft edge
  1. Log in on Instagram, as you would normally.
  2. Now activate the dark mode by using Night Mode Instagram The button that you just pin to your toolba.
Install an add-on for microsoft edge

Every page that you visit on Instagram will turn black, and the site will appear darkened. You can easily return to your original view of the site by clicking the button.

Install an add-on for microsoft edge

An All-Inclusive Dark Mod Extension is a good idea

Another option is to look into if this interests you use dark mode on Windows All-inclusive Add-Ons are available for sites other than Instagram.

For dark mode search options, you can go to the Microsoft Edge Add-ons Store, Google Chrome Web Store and other extensions stores.

Dark Reader is a solid extension that you should try. It is free for Chrome, Edge Firefox, Firefox and Safari. Go to the Website Dark Reader Select your browser and click the Add-on button.

  1. Install the extension once you have added it to your Toolbar. Open Instagram and sign into.
  2. Select the Dark Reader button.
  3. Choose On The pop-up windows will open at the top.
Use an all-inclusive dark mode extension

The extension will then display all areas of Instagram and any other websites you visited in dark mode. The extension can be adjusted to adjust brightness or contrast and you can add Instagram websites to its Site List.

Use an all-inclusive dark mode extension

The dark mode makes it easier for your eyes to see apps in dim light. It is also a great way to access your computer’s applications without disturbing others. These Instagram dark modes are worth checking out. Take a look at this tutorial Windows will automatically switch between light and dark mode.

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