How do you disable wisptis.exe on Windows?

How do you disable wisptis.exe on Windows?

Wisptis.exe is known to be a problem file in Windows. Many users are unsure whether or not to deactivate it as it is a Windows process.

This article will discuss the process of wisptis.exe and what you can do to disable it.

What is wisptis.exe in windows and should you disable it?

What’s the wisptis.exe Programme?

Wisptis.exe is an executable program that allows you to use the Microsoft Office handwriting tool. WISPTIS stands for Windows Ink Services Platform Tablet Input Subsystem. The file’s description is “Microsoft Pen And Touch Input Component.” It’s an input device that can be used to enter pen strokes on the Microsoft Tablet PC Platform.

This executable is legal and works on all Microsoft Windows operating system, such as Windows XP and Vista. It can also be found in Windows 10, Windows 10 and Windows 11.

Problem with wisptis.exe? It runs in background when neither a pen nor touchscreen are being used. When processing power is necessary, it becomes problematic. It is well-known that this process consumes a lot of system resources and can bottleneck the CPU. This could negatively impact other programs.

This could also prevent some users from accessing their computers or terminal servers when a pen tablets is being used.

Even worse, the Windows File Protection schedules it to be reinstalled whenever your system reboots, runs Windows Update or loads up Adobe Acrobat and one of the Microsoft Office applications.

Wisptis.exe Malware or a Virus?

Windows’ original system file wisptis.exe can be found here. However, malicious software, including malware,, spyware, Trojans and other viruses can disguise themselves as processes under any filename including wisptis.exe. It is important to ensure that your computer does not contain a virus.

It is found in the C.WindowsSystem32 Folder. You can open the folder C:WindowsSystem32 to verify where yours is Task Manager, Properties.

Is wisptis.exe malware?

Where it says “Location,” make sure that “C:\Windows\System32” is listed. Malware may exist if the malware appears in a different location than this one (e.g., Program Files).

Is wisptis.exe malware?

For your safety, it is possible to use Antivirus software that is trusted To scan your computer.

Does it make sense to disable wisptis.ex?

Disabling wisptis.exe won’t affect your computer’s stability if you are dealing with a legitimate Windows task. It will however prevent some things, such as touchscreen functionality or the ability to use the wireless keyboard Snipping Tool. . This function will be restored upon starting unless it is permanently disabled. The file will then automatically be reinstalled.

How to disable wisptis.exe

Three methods have been reported to be able to permanently disable wisptis.exe. The methods are listed alphabetically, so you can go through them until the one that disables wisptis.exe permanently is your favorite.

1. For wisptis.exe disabling, you can use gpedit.msc

Wisptis.exe can be disallowed using the Local Group Policy Edito.

  1. Press the Windows key + + R To open Run.
  2. Press the “gpedit.msc” keystroke and type in Enter key.
Disable wisptis.exe
  1. Navigate to Computer Configuration >> Windows Settings > Security Settings > Software Restriction Policies >> Additional Rules By double-clicking on each entr.
Disable wisptis.exe
  1. Right-click Additional Rules Choose and New Path Rule.
Disable wisptis.exe
  1. Press the button in the next window Browse. Okay.
  2. In the New Path Rule window click on the drop-down menu for “Security Level” to select Disallowed.
Disable wisptis.exe
  1. Press Apply.

2. You can disable wisptis by using the Command Prompt

You can also use Command Prompt to permanently disable wisptis.exe if the above methods fail.

  1. Open the Start Menu Enter “Command Prompt”
  2. Right-click Command Prompt and select Run as Administrator. Yes to confirm.
Disable wisptis.exe
  1. Click on the buttons below to type in these commands Enter Each one is followed by:

% %systemdrive%

cd %windir%\system32

Takeown /f Wisptis

icacls wisptis.exe /deny “NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM”:(RX)

Disable wisptis.exe
  1. Reboot the computer, and make sure that wisptis.exe does not appear in Task Manager. Click to launch Task Manager Ctrl+ + Shift + + Esc, Then navigate to Processes tab.

3. For wisptis.exe to be disabled, disable Microsoft App-V Client

Microsoft App-V Client Service, a Windows utility that manages the Microsoft Application Virtualization program. It allows users to launch virtualized apps. This application can be disabled to prevent the wisptis.exe from being restarted.

  1. Press the Windows Key + + R to open Run.
  2. Press the “services.msc” keystroke Enter.
Disable wisptis.exe
  1. Navigation to the right and click Microsoft App-V Client, then select Properties.
Disable wisptis.exe
  1. In the General Select the tab and click on Startup type Select from drop-down menu Manual.
Disable wisptis.exe
  1. Choose “Service status”, Stop.
Disable wisptis.exe
  1. Select Apply.

Note: You can disable the App-V client if it negatively impacts your user experience. Follow the above steps and select the option to re-initiate Automatic Click on “Startup type” to restart your computer.

Get your computer back to peak performance

Computers age and eventually slow down. Windows users are constantly faced with the problem of annoying processes running in the background that consume system resources and cause headaches. It is possible to safely disable wisptis.exe. This tutorial should help you get your computer running faster than ever.

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