How do I fix DoorDash Status Code 40 (Bad Request).

How do I fix DoorDash Status Code 40 (Bad Request).

HTTP Status Codes (400) There may be many different types of errors in DoorDash, Dasher. The most common errors are “HTTP 400 error Bad Request”, “Request refused with status code 400”, and “HTTP error 404”. The following post outlines the causes and potential solutions for DoorDash’s 400 error code.

DoorDash cannot process a user’s request if there are “400 status codes”. These client-side errors can prevent DoorDash processing the request. It could also be an issue with your internet, operating system, browser, app file corruption, and other issues. This error can also be caused by signing in using incorrect account information (email address or password).

Fix doordash status code 400 (bad request)

Check that your internet is functioning before you start the steps below. Open any web-based app or visit any site in your internet browser to verify that they are working. You can reboot your Wi Fi router or disable VPN connections. If you have any questions, contact your Internet Service Provider internet isn’t working .

You can also try the troubleshooting techniques below if you have internet access but DoorDash still displays an error code.

Close the door and reopen it

Temporary software bugs in the application could cause this problem. There may be some other causes DoorDash, Dasher and other users Force-stopping an app (or several) to stop the “400 bad request” error from occurring caused by the above mentioned force-stopping actio.

Long-press the DoorDash app icon Click the “Add to Cart” button info icon. Force Stop Choose and OK Confirm the receipt.

Force close and reopen doordash

For iPhones, open the App Switcher–double-press the Home button You can swipe left from the bottom to open the app. Click on DoorDash or Dasher to view the preview and close it.

Force close and reopen doordash

Clear DoorDash’s cache and app data

If the temporary/cache files of DoorDash or Dasher are corrupted, damaged, or lost on an Android device both Dasher and DoorDash can fail to function properly. Clear the cache and data of any app that is causing this problem on your Android device.

  1. Go to Settings > Apps & notifications > See All Apps (or App info() and choose DoorDash.
Clear doordash’s cache and app data
  1. Select Storage & cache.
  2. Tap the Clear Cache icon. Open DoorDash again and log in to your account. Clear out the DoorDash app’s data to fix any errors that persist.
  3. Tap Clear Storage (Clear Data On some Android devices), and on selected OK.
Clear doordash’s cache and app data

Update DoorDash

DoorDash could also display 400 error messages if you have an older version of the app. You can update DoorDash by going to the app store on your phone.

Remove Browser Cache and Cookies

Sometimes, clearing your browser’s cache and cookies can be helpful fixes HTTP status code errors . . This article will show you how to remove DoorDash’s cache and cookies in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Clear DoorDash Cookies and Clear Google Chrome Cache

  1. Paste chrome://settings/siteData Press the Enter key and enter your address in the address bar Enter.
  2. Type doordash Enter the following information in the search field: Remove All Shown button.
Delete browser cache and cookies
  1. Select Clear all Continue readin.
Delete browser cache and cookies

This will erase all cookies and other data stored by DoorDash in your browser. You can access DoorDash’s food delivery website by reloading or revisiting the site.

Clear DoorDash Cookies and Cache from Mozilla Firefox

  1. Navigate to the settings menu in Firefox Privacy & Security tab. Click Next to scroll down to the section “Cookies, Site Data”, and choose Manage Data.
Delete browser cache and cookies
  1. Type doordash Select the appropriate option in the search box Remove All Shown, Save Changes.
Delete browser cache and cookies
  1. Select Remove To complete the operation.
Delete browser cache and cookies

Clear DoorDash Cookies and Clear Microsoft Edge Cache

  1. Use type or paste edge://settings/siteData Press the Enter key and enter your address in the address bar Enter.
  2. Select Remove all shown.
Delete browser cache and cookies
  1. Select Clear Click on the confirmation popup.
Delete browser cache and cookies

Clear DNS cache

If your device isn’t compatible with web browsers, certain sites may not load Domain Name System service (DNS) is not available, Information that is incorrect, outdated, or corrupt. DoorDash could fix “HTTP 400 bad request” error messages by clearing your DNS cache.

For more information, refer to our tutorial on Clearing the DNS cache for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS.

Deactivate Browser Extensions

Disable browser extensions

Malicious or Extensions and plugins that are unsafe Information exchange between your browser’s web server and the website servers can be disrupted. Your browser may display HTTP status codes errors when visiting DoorDash and other websites Installing an extension, You can disable this extension by reloading the site.

Restart your device or browser

Rebooting your device will restore its operating system, and may fix any system issues that have caused DoorDash malfunction.

Close the DoorDash by pressing and holding down on your device power button, Reboot You can access the Android power menu.

Restart your device or browser

Go to if you are using an iPhone Settings > General > Shut Down, Move the slider to your right by pressing the “Enter” button.

Restart your device or browser

Allow your device to rest for approximately 1-2 minutes before connecting to the Internet. Then, check to see if DoorDash is available.

Reinstall DoorDash

Deinstalling and installing the DoorDash app again from scratch Some users were able to resolve the Bad Request error .

Tap the button and keep it there DoorDash app icon, info icon Choose and Uninstall DoorDah’s App Information Page. Please select OK Check the confirmation.

Reinstall doordash

Long-press the button on an iOS device DoorDash app Select icon Remove App (or Delete App(and select) Delete App.

Reinstall doordash

You can restart your device to reinstall DoorDash Google Play Store Android (or App Store (for iPhone).

Contact DoorDash Support

DoorDash’s status code 400 refers to client errors. This means that you are in the best place to fix the problem. These tutorials should provide you with some suggestions for troubleshooting. Otherwise, Contact DoorDash Customer Support If you are still having trouble accessing the service through the website or app.

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