How do I add Google Drive to File Explorer in Windows?

How do I add Google Drive to File Explorer in Windows?

In today’s digital age, cloud-based storage has become a must. Microsoft even added an option for accessing cloud storage OneDrive You will need to follow a few additional steps in Windows 10 to add Google Drive File Explorer.

This tutorial will describe the Google Drive for Desktop app and show how it can be installed.

Add google drive to file explorer on windows

Google Drive Desktop: What’s it all about?

Accessing files stored in Google Drive is possible instantly. It can be time-consuming to drag and drop files using a browser such as Google Chrome everytime you need to access them.

Google Drive can be used from Windows’s built-in file management system using the Drive for Desktop application. This allows you to access all your Drive cloud storage including Google Docs, Google Sheets and more Google Photos Directly from your Windows computer, you can also access .

Note: Google Drive can also be used on Macs, Androids, and iPhones.

How do I add Google Drive to File Explorer

You will need to install the Windows-oriented Google Drive for Desktop software to add Google Drive to Windows File Explorer:

  1. Download Google Drive from the Google Drive download site Google Drive Desktop tool.
  2. Double-click GoogleDriveSetup.exe Google Drive will be installed in the downloads directory. You will be prompted to finish the installation.
Add google drive to file explorer
  1. Click Sign in with browser To sign in to Google Drive.
Add google drive to file explorer
  1. After you have signed into your Google account click on the up arrow to the right of the screen Taskbar.
Add google drive to file explorer
  1. Right-click on the Google Drive icon System Tray, Then, right-click on the cog icon and click Preferences.
Add google drive to file explorer
  1. You can click the button in the sidebar Google Drive.Stream filesThe “option” allows you to store files in the cloud, and then access them from your computer via a virtual disk. You can find the following options “Mirror files” optionYou can store your My Drive files simultaneously on both your computer and in the cloud.
Add google drive to file explorer
  1. Select either Stream files or Mirror files.
Add google drive to file explorer

Google Drive, which is a virtual hard drive similar to the H drive in Google Drive, will now be available. You can access it here:

  1. Open File Explorer.
  2. Select the file you want to open in the File Explorer sidebar. Also known as File Explorer navigation, This PC.
Add google drive to file explorer
  1. Double-click Google Drive.
Add google drive to file explorer

By clicking and dragging, you can access and transfer files from your Google Drive to your desktop.

Note: The ability to easily include the Google Drive Folder You can access the Quick Access bar simply by right-clicking Google Drive Choose the folder you want Pin to Quick Access.

Google Drive Desktop for Desktop Works Offlin?

Yes. You have two choices to make an offline folder or file accessible:

  1. Google Drive Desktop can be set to mirror files in order for the files to exist both on your computer and in the cloud.
  2. Allow files to be made available offline using the “Stream Files” mod.

If you use the “Stream file” mode, files can be made available offline in these ways:

  1. File Explorer will open the Google Drive folder.
  2. Click the right-click on the file that you wish to access offline and hover over Offline access, Available offline.
Does google drive for desktop work offline?

You Have the Cloud at Your Fingertips

The cloud makes it easy to organize and store your files. You can now organize your files in the cloud as easily and quickly as ever cloud storage As technology advances, there are more options and tools available for consumers. This tutorial will show you how to access Google Drive directly from your computer, Mac or mobile device.

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