How can you recover WhatsApp backups from Google Drive

How can you recover WhatsApp backups from Google Drive

Do you need to backup your Android’s WhatsApp conversation history? Or transfer WhatsApp messages to another device? Google Drive allows you to do this.

You can use WhatsApp Android allows you to seamlessly backup all your conversations and data to Google Drive. It is possible to quickly restore all your chat history if the phone’s software is reset or if the Android phone has been upgraded. The tutorial explains how you can back up WhatsApp and restore it with Google Drive.

Restore whatsapp backup from google drive

Backup WhatsApp Data to Google Drive

You can Backup your WhatsApp attachments and chats You can also backup manually to Google Drive at any time. You can also set the app up to automatically backup on a weekly, monthly, and daily basis. WhatsApp backups will not count towards your Google Drive storage limit, so you don’t need to have a lot of internet access.

Note: WhatsApp will create an identical backup file on your Android’s SD card or internal storage. This allows you to restore data quicker if the app is uninstalled and reinstalled.

Back up whatsapp data to google drive

You can skip the following section if you have an existing WhatsApp backup stored in Google Drive. It’s best to make a new backup if you can, so that all your media and messages are included in the backup.

1. You can open the WhatsApp App on Androi.

2. Click the More Three dots (or icon) located at the top-right corner of your screen.

3. Tap Settings Click the drop down menu.

Back up whatsapp data to google drive

4. Select Chats.

5. Scroll down, and then tap Chat backup.

Back up whatsapp data to google drive

6. Tap Back Up Use the default backup preferences to save your WhatsApp data to Google Driv.

Back up whatsapp data to google drive

You can scroll down to configure these settings:

  • End-to-end encrypted backup: Encrypt the backup to add an additional layer of security. You won’t have access to your data again if the encryption key or password you created during this process is lost.
  • Back up to Google Drive: – Decide whether you wish to backup manually, automatically, daily, weekly or monthly.
  • Back up using cellular: Backup data via Wi-Fi and cellular. To avoid additional fees when you are not connected to Wi Fi, turn the option of.
  • Include videos: You can significantly increase your backups’ size They can also cause delays.
  • Google Account: To backup your WhatsApp data, you can use a different Google Account than one that’s already registered to your Android smartphone.

7. Do not wait for the backup to complete.  

Back up whatsapp data to google drive

While the initial upload might take time to complete, backups of subsequent files will usually be completed much quicker. These are the things to remember about your backups, even if your plan is not to immediately restore data:

  • Google Drive automatically replaces your current backup every time you make a new upload. This means that you cannot restore any older WhatsApp versions.
  • Google Drive can delete WhatsApp Backups if they aren’t up-to-date within five months.
  • WhatsApp iOS is based on Apple’s native iCloud service to backup. This means that you cannot restore a Google Drive backup of an iPhone. Here are some solutions Move your WhatsApp data from Android onto a new iPhone.

Google Drive Backup WhatsApp

Resetting your Android phone or purchasing a new one will allow you to restore WhatsApp data. You can then pick up where you left off. But, this can only be done if the phone number you used before is still valid.  

Additionally, the WhatsApp backup must be downloaded to your device from the Google Account. For more information, visit www Settings > Passwords & accounts/Users & accounts To view a complete list of Google Accounts.

After you are ready to move on, you can follow these steps to recover your WhatsApp data from Google Drive.

1. Installation and opening WhatsApp.

2. Tap Agree and Continue.

Restore whatsapp backup from google drive

3. Enter your telephone number, and click “Tap!” OK. . Next, you will need to enter the verification code that was sent.

Restore whatsapp backup from google drive

4. Select Continue Allow WhatsApp to access your contacts and photos on your smartphone.

Restore whatsapp backup from google drive

5. WhatsApp will detect and notify you when it locates a backup of your Android device in Google Drive. Tap Restore to continue.

6. Do not panic if WhatsApp does not restore your messages.

7. Select Next to continue.

Restore whatsapp backup from google drive

Note: This can be used to restore an Android that has a local backup of its internal storage.

8. Tap Restore Now You can restore your media files using Wi-Fi and cellular OK You can only do this on Wi-Fi. Next, choose a name to be associated with your WhatsApp account Next.

Restore whatsapp backup from google drive

9. WhatsApp will soon initialize and display all of your conversation threads. The app will restore media files as usual, however you can continue using it in the interim.

Restore whatsapp backup from google drive

You might not be able to download WhatsApp backup data:

  • WhatsApp links your backup file from Google Drive with the original number that you used to create it. The data can’t be restored unless it is verified with the exact same number. It is important to verify that the data you have restored are identical.
  • Check your Android account management screen to double-check that you have signed in using the correct Google Drive account.
  • Google will delete WhatsApp backups that are older than 5 months. Check the Google Drive app to confirm that the backup exists Storage You can find the menu in the app.
  • Downloads that take too much time or are slow to download should be switched from Cellular to Wi Fi.
  • For any problem with your Android device, you can troubleshoot it Google Play Services: Problems.

You can continue backing up WhatsApp data

Google Drive allows you to easily protect your Android WhatsApp data. You can restore your chat history by installing a new WhatsApp version. Don’t forget about backing up all of your media and messages.

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