Here are 9 steps to optimize your router for better gaming

Here are 9 steps to optimize your router for better gaming

Even a tiny bit of lag is a problem when you want to get that perfect headshot. While your router may be functional enough to work, what if it could be optimized for gaming performance?

To cut down on your time, you don’t necessarily need to use a gaming router (TTK). Just make a few adjustments to router settings and your gaming traffic will take priority. Most network settings can easily be changed from your router’s access page. Here’s how to optimize it.

9 steps to optimizing your router for better gaming

Gaming Routers vs. Standard Routers

Marketing talk about “lightning-fast speed” and enhanced lag is misleading gaming routers These routers aren’t much more advanced than your regular router. These features can give gamers better gaming experience.

The QoS (Quality of Service) feature prioritizes gaming traffic over any other traffic. If you download something, and then start playing a game, the speed of your download would decrease, but your multiplayer experience would not be affected.

You can call this service many different things, but StreamBoost is one of its most well-known iterations.

A few gaming routers will include RAM and a processor for onboard processing as well as wireless standards that are less common. These extras are not essential, but they can be useful. You can get similar performance from the router that you already have without having to purchase a device with a gaming brand. You don’t have to choose the best router for every situation. There are many options.

Steps to Optimize Your Router for Better Gaming

Don’t let lag affect your score.

1. Connect to Ethernet Vs Wi-Fi

If possible, make sure to connect your console or gaming system Through an Ethernet port Wi-Fi is better than using wired connections. A wired connection – especially Gigabit Ethernet – is more efficient than wireless connections, and has higher latency and speeds.

9 steps to optimizing your router for better gaming

2. Make sure to use the most current Wi-Fi standards

Wi-Fi connections are not all created equally. Modern routers are equipped with dual-band WiFi 6 connections. Dual-band Wi-Fi 6 connections offer better performance than Wi Fi and greater maximum speeds even at longer distances. You can get even better performance if your router isn’t Wi-Fi 6 compliant. You can still get better performance if you enable Wi-Fi 6 and the 5GHz band.

3. Modify Your Setup

You might have to move your router’s placement if your house is larger. The router location may need to be changed if you live in a larger house Gaming over Wi-Fi, You should ensure that the router is not more than one room from connected devices. The router will have a higher chance of disconnecting and you’ll experience slower speeds if it is farther away.

9 steps to optimizing your router for better gaming

You can move your router physically closer by purchasing powerline adapters. These adapters are wired to your home’s electrical system. The one near the device and the other into the wall next to the router. The device functions as a router and reduces distance-induced latency. For better coverage, range extenders can be purchased to increase your home’s reach.

4. Allow UPnP

Universal Plug-and-Play allows you to connect your devices automatically handles port forwarding You can do this by connecting to your router. This features improves gaming performance and minimizes manual port manipulation, however there are also some downsides. UPnP could also allow traffic from outside your network. This is a simple way to boost your speed, if you feel comfortable accepting that security risk.

5. QuoS Enabled

Enabling Quality of Service on your router will increase performance. Gaming traffic is more important than video calls. QoS can be used automatically many times. When you are gaming, it will slow down the traffic to other parts of the network.

9 steps to optimizing your router for better gaming

6. Make use of the MU-MIMO Program

MU-MIMO permits for even more Effortful use of bandwidth It improves network speeds and makes it more accessible to all users.

7. Get the most recent version of your router

Check that your router’s firmware has been updated. Firmware upgrades unlock new features and patch security holes. They also improve performance. You can enable automatic firmware updates on your router by taking the time. However, you should also keep an eye out for the firmware version from the company.

You should consider buying a replacement router if the router stops receiving firmware updates, or is not supported.

8. Optimize Your Wi-Fi Network

The two most used Wi-Fi band are 2.4GHz & 5GHz. This means that there will be some overlap in Wi-Fi signals. Only 11 channels can be used in the US on the 2.4GHz frequency band, and only three of them are specially designed to avoid overlapping.

9 steps to optimizing your router for better gaming

There are 23 channels available in the 5GHz band. It can be compared to a highway. One option offers 3 lanes and another 23 lanes. Use one of the empty lanes to get the best results. Download a Wi Fi analyzer and determine which band is the most popular. You can then set this as your primary gaming channel.

Many times, an ISP will offer a modem with built-in routers. Even though these may offer better performance than the higher-end ASUS and TP-Link options, they are not necessarily of superior quality. To handle network traffic, disable the modem on your router and instead use your own router.

These steps will optimize your router to provide a more enjoyable gaming experience. It’s really just a matter of following a few simple steps. To determine where the strongest network connections are, you can run a speed test with your phone. This will help you decide where your gaming equipment should be placed to minimize interference.

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