Here are 11 of the Best Microsoft Teams Apps for 2022

Here are 11 of the Best Microsoft Teams Apps for 2022

Microsoft Teams is a very popular tool Video conferencing software, There are more than 220 million active monthly users .

The reason? Microsoft Teams Apps and add-ons are available that provide more functionality and make it easier to collaborate and improve the user experience. It is also popular because it allows teams to connect with Microsoft applications like Outlook, Word and SharePoint.

The 11 best microsoft teams apps in 2022

We give you the rundown of Microsoft Teams’ 11 most powerful apps and integrated features.

1. Trello


  • Task management simplified
  • Easy collaboration


  • Simple tasks are more effective than complicated ones
  • Many customization options available
  • It’s easy to gather opinions from your team quickly
  • Polly has many customization options that make it feel like she is on a steep learning curve
  • Great tool to improve the morale of your team
  • It is simple to use
  • Customer support that is efficient
  • There are not many customization options
  • It allows you to quickly configure and share reports for Teams
  • It is easy to setup and use
  • With queries and analytics, there aren’t many options to customize
  • Lightweight app for notes
  • Chat option available
  • However, OneNote is not as powerful
  • All members of the team have seamless access to each other’s achievements
  • Engages employees in a fun and interactive manner
  • The automated reward system for rewards is not currency-friendly
  • Easy export of timesheets, which reduces the manual burden
  • Integration with the most widely used platforms such as Teams and Slack
  • Leave management made easy
  • Balance history doesn’t permit exporting
  • Innovative updates, consistent and constant
  • Learning curve for gentle learning
  • Pocket-friendly
  • User interfaces that are too complicated
  • There are many frameworks that can be used to define scenario maps, persons, and other information
  • Integrated chat
  • User-friendly interface
  • It runs slightly slow sometimes
  • The community is large and very helpful
  • There are many git documentation and guides available
  • Previous breaches have raised security concerns
  • This is a great option for remote workers who are unable to travel during working hours
  • Promote competitive spirit by using a leaderboard
  • Employees must have a personal fitness equipment

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