Google waiting for network connection error

Google waiting for network connection error

You see the “Download English US Update-Waiting for network connectivity” error in your Android’s Notification Drawer? This is related to Speech Services from Google. You can fix this error by reading the following steps.

Google Speech Services plays an important role in your Android device. It provides seamless text-to speech and speech-totext capabilities for both native and third-party applications. To provide you with the best experience possible, the device must download the most recent language updates.

Fix speech services by google waiting for network connection error

Speech Services from Google may get stuck when downloading new language updates. The notification drawer will then display the “Waiting For Network Connection” error. You can attempt to fix the problem if this happens.

Make sure you have an internet connection

You can start by trying out several fixes that will fix any unanticipated issues you have with your internet. This could fix the error “Waiting to connect to network” from Google’s voice services.

If this fails to resolve the problem and you are positive that there is nothing wrong with your internet connection, then move on to the next steps.

Get the Digital Assistant App Setup

Recheck your Android’s Google Assistant settings. Make sure Speech Service is enabled to automatically update language over Wi Fi and Mobile Data.

1. You can open the Settings Install the app on your Android phone.

2. Find out more the Google assistant app Click on the search match button.

Check digital assistant app settings

3. Click the Settings Click icon to the right Voice input.

4. Tap Auto update languages.

5. Tap Mobile + WiFi.

Check digital assistant app settings

6. Go back to the screen you were on and click the “Next” button Settings Next to the icon Default digital assistant app.

7. Tap Offline speech recognition.

8. Change to the Auto-Update tab.

9. Select the appropriate option Auto-update languages at any time.

Check digital assistant app settings

Restart Your Android Phone

If you have any problems, please contact us restarting your Android phone . Power Button (some devices might require that you press it) Power and Volume Up/Down Tap the key simultaneously to display your power options. Then, tap Restart.

Restart your android phone

Clear the Google Cache Speech Service

Your Android smartphone may not be able to download updates because of corrupt Speech Service from Google cache. It can be cleared and rechecked to see if the difference has been made.

1. You can open the Settings app.

2. Tap Apps >> Speech Services by Google.

Clear the speech service by google cache

3. Tap Force stop To close all background processes that are related to Google’s Speech Services, tap the “X” button. Then, tap Storage & cache.

4. Tap Clear Cache.

Clear the speech service by google cache

5. You can restart your phone.

Google Updates Speech Services

You should ensure that you are using the most recent version of Speech Service from Google. Search for “Speech Service by Google” to find out how you can do this Speech Service by Google Tap the button in the Google Play Store to access the app Update buttonIf the choice is available, click it.

Update speech services by google

Tap the button to ensure that you are always using the most recent version of Speech Services from Google More Click the icon at the top-right corner of your screen to check the box beside it Enable Auto-Update.

Google Updates: Removing and Installing Speech Services

Are you still having trouble? Try removing all updates to Speech Services from Google and then reinstalling them. Search again for Speech Service by Google Go to the Play Store. Next, click the Uninstall, Uninstall You can confirm your confirmation once more. Next, tap Update All updates must be reinstalled.

Remove and reinstall speech services by google updates

Install the Android System Software Update

An underlying problem with your Android system software could cause the “Waiting to network connection” error in Google’s speech services. Check if the issue has been resolved by installing the most recent Android system updates.

1. You can open the Settings App on Androi.

2. Scroll down, and then tap System.

Update the android system software

3. Tap System Update.

4. Tap Check for updates.

Update the android system software

5. Tap Update Now To install any updates that are pending.

Reset the Network Settings on Your Smartphone

If Speech Services for Google’s language updates fails to resolve the problem, or if the “Waiting For Network Connection” error persists, you can reset the network settings of your Android smartphone. This is how to reset your network settings on Android:

1. You can open the Settings Get the app for your smartphone.

2. Tap System >> Reset options.

Reset your phone’s network settings

3. Tap Reset Wi-Fi, mobile & Bluetooth >> Reset settings.

Reset your phone’s network settings

All saved Wi-Fi passwords and networks will be deleted when you reset your Android’s network setting. You can manually reconnect to your wireless network, or you may use mobile data. Google Speech Services will most likely update your language without any problems.

Note: Settings > Voice > Speech Recognition. Installed. . Your Android phone should then prompt you to download the files.

Resolved Network Connection Problems while you wait

Google Speech Services’ “Waiting to connect” issue is annoying, but it can be fixed. You can resolve the problem by following the steps above. To minimize your chances of getting into this error again, make sure that the Speech Services app is always up to date.

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