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Google Slides and Microsoft PowerPoint: What are the differences?

PowerPoint is the number one presentation software, having held that title since 1987. PowerPoint is used every day by millions of people in homes and schools. In 2012, however Google Slides As an alternative to PowerPoint, Google Slides was introduced on the market. Both PowerPoint and Google Slides have become very popular. But which is better?

We’ll be comparing the most important aspects between PowerPoint and Google Slides in this article to help you choose which tool suits you best.

Google slides vs microsoft powerpoint – what are the differences?

PowerPoint: What’s it all about?

Microsoft PowerPoint It is an extremely powerful tool which will enable you to make professional presentations. To make your slides more engaging and enjoyable, you can add custom graphics and animations to them. PowerPoint has a rich history that allows you to use a wide range of resources and templates in order to inspire your audience.

What is powerpoint?

PowerPoint, as part of the Suite is used often alongside Word and Excel. It is preferred by many schools and companies as well as new start-ups.

Google Slides: What’s the Deal?

Google Slides can be used as an alternative to PowerPoint and is part the Google Docs Editors collection. This cloud-based, free presentation tool works with any browser. You do not need to download it.

What is google slides?

Because it is an online tool, you can easily create, edit, share, and even delete creative presentations.

The Comparison

Google Slides and Microsoft Powerpoint are both powerful presentation tools. The best way to see the differences is to examine their respective features. You can make professional presentations with both:

  • You can add text and images (jpg. png. and gif) to videos and other links
  • Bring graphs and charts into your presentation
  • Premade templates and themes are available
  • Pick fonts
  • Use transitions
  • Print and save to PDF
  • Incorporate your team members, and work with them via the tool

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