Google One explained: Does it make sense to subscribe?

Google One explained: Does it make sense to subscribe?

You can access your Gmail account to also have access Google’s entire suite Many online services. Google Drive, Docs and Sheets are just a few examples.

Free users get only 15GB storage, which is not enough to store all the data for these services. There are several options Google One Subscription plans allow you to purchase extra storage which offers additional benefits. It is worth signing up, but what are the benefits?  

Google one explained: is it worth subscribing to?

Google Drive Storage: How it Works

You can synchronize your storage and Google accounts, Except for Google Photos compressed . . The total pool includes your email, drive contents, backups and any other data that must be kept in the cloud.

Google drive storage works

You may be able to use the 15GB storage if you only use mail and a few Google Docs features. Your cloud backups could eat up that space quickly, however, if your phone camera takes high quality photos and videos, it may not matter. This is why it’s important to invest in the ecosystem.

Storage Plan Pricing

Google One provides three storage tiers to its new customers:

  • 100GB Plan:2 per month or $20 paid annually, You get 100GB of storage to share with five family members. Google Experts and Google Play Credits are available. You can also access advanced Google Photos editing tools, Google Hardware discounts, Google Play credit, Google Play credits and other hotel accommodations deals.
  • 200GB Plan: $3 per month or $30 %20paid%20annually,%20you%20get%20200GB%20of%20storage%20to%20share%20with%20up%20to%20five%20people.%20You%20also%20get%203%%20of%20Google%20Store%20purchases%20back%20as%20credit.%20This%20tier%20includes%20all%20the%20other%20perks%20included%20with%20the%20100GB%20plan.
  • 2TB Plan: $10 per month or $100 paid annually, you%20get%20two%20terabytes%20of%20storage%20to%20share%20between%20five%20people,%2010%%20back%20on%20Google%20Store%20purchases,%20access%20to%20the%20Google%20VPN,%20and%20all%20other%20perks%20in%20the%20two%20lower%20tiers.
  • 5TB Plan: $25 per month or $250 paid annually, ,%20you%20get%20five%20terabytes%20of%20storage,%20with%20all%20the%20perks%20on%20lower%20tiers,%20except%20you%20now%20get%2010%%20back%20on%20Google%20Store%20purchases.
  • 10TB Plan: $50 a month or $600 You get lower benefits per year but not an annual discount.
  • 20TB Plan: You get lower benefits but not an annual discount at $100 per month, or $1200 annually.
  • 30TB Plan: You get lower benefits but not an annual discount at $150 per month (or $1800 annually.

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