Google Lens Activation and How to Use It

Google Lens Activation and How to Use It

Even if you Use the Google App You might not be noticing one of the most striking features in your life every day. Google Assistant Google Lens and AI combined with deep machine learning are two examples that Google uses.  

Google Lens lets you use the camera on your smartphone or save photos to view all information available through Google Search. The possibilities are limitless. This tutorial will show you how to activate Google Lens and make your phone work faster.  

Activate and use google lens

Why Use Google Lens

It is important to know what Google Lens does before you use it. These are just a few of the things that Google Lens can do for you:  

  • Identify objects, plants, and animals using your smartphone camera. . Lens can be used with your phone’s camera and smartphone to determine the year and author of any painting found in an art gallery. It will also reveal the type and age of the houseplant of a friend and what kind of dog is your pet playing in the park. 
  • Explore old and new locations. . Google Lens allows you to explore new areas and find out more about local landmarks. Google Lens allows you to see online reviews and ratings for shops and restaurants, along with historical information and hours of operation. 
  • Scan QR codes and barcodes. . Google Lens can scan QR codes without the need for an extra scanner.

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