Firefox not responding on Mac and PC: How do you fix it?

Firefox not responding on Mac and PC: How do you fix it?

Mozilla Firefox is almost 20 years old, and has seen many stability improvements as well as performance upgrades. It is not unusual for the browser to freeze right after launch. This can happen during routine usage or when performing certain activities.

Firefox is not responding to your Mac or PC? Then, follow these steps to fix the problem.

Fix firefox not responding on pc and mac

Restart Firefox

Firefox may freeze on Macs or PCs. Force-quit Firefox to restart. Click the right-click icon to shut down your browser Start Click here to choose Task Manager. Firefox Select from the open app list and choose End task. . After that, relaunch your browser.

Fix firefox not responding on pc and mac

Open the Launchpad and select Other >> Activity Monitor You can use the Mac to do this. Then, select Firefox >> Stop > Force-Quit Start Firefox from the new tab.

Start Your Computer

If Firefox freezes, it is best to reboot your computer. Windows users can simply open the Start menu and select Power >> Restart.

Fix firefox not responding on pc and mac

To open the Mac’s Documents, click Apple menu and select Restart, Reopen windows when logging back in Before you choose Restart Continue to the confirmation dialogue.

The Places Database can be recreated

Firefox saves your browsing history, bookmarks, and other information in a file called “Places”. Sometimes this database can become corrupted and cause Firefox not to respond. Firefox must be forced to rebuild the database.

Select the Firefox menu Choose icon, the button that has three stackable lines in the upper left corner of the window Help >> More troubleshooting information. Application Basics Section, choose the Open Folder Next to the button Profile Folder.

Fix firefox not responding on pc and mac

Next, click File Explorer or Finder to open Firefox Profile Folder. Afterwards, add the following: .old Add the following to your file name:



Fix firefox not responding on pc and mac

Firefox may not respond to certain requests. In this case, File Explorer and Finder can be used to access the profile folder.

Windows: File Explorer, Enter: :


Mac: Finder Choose and Go > Go to Folder. Enter: :

~/Library/Application Support/Firefox/Profiles

Firefox Update

Mozilla frequently releases new updates that address issues with Firefox. Check the Firefox Updates page to see if your browser has been updated Firefox menu and select Settings. General Tab, scroll down until the Firefox Updates Section and select Check for updates.

Fix firefox not responding on pc and mac

Deactivate Hardware Acceleration

Firefox uses the default graphics processor unit (GPU), on your computer, to enhance web page functionality. Depending on the configuration of your Mac or PC, this could cause you to experience an opposite result. Deaktivieren hardware acceleration You can then see if this makes any difference.

Once again, please open the Settings pane in Firefox Scroll to the bottom of this page Performance section. Next, remove the checkmarks Use recommended performance settings and Use hardware acceleration when available.

Fix firefox not responding on pc and mac

Consider this if you find it helpful Upgrading the graphics drivers Before activating hardware acceleration again, you should either restart the operating system.

Upgrading the Operating System

Firefox’s performance could be improved if you have the latest operating system. Open the Microsoft Windows 10/11 Updater to update Settings App and Select Windows Update. Check for updates > Download and install.

Fix firefox not responding on pc and mac

To open the Mac’s Documents, click System Preferences App and Select Software Update > Update Now. Apple menu Choose and make your choice About This Mac > Software Update > Update Now.

Clear Firefox Cache

An Local web cache obsolete This is yet another reason why you should consider performance degradation in Firefox . . To force your browser to retrieve the most current site data, delete it.

Firefox’s website is the best place to do this Settings Pane, and then switch to the Privacy & Security tab. Scroll down until you reach the Cookies and Site Data section, select Clear Data, Cookies and Site Data and Cached Web Content, Clear.

Fix firefox not responding on pc and mac

Clear Firefox’s Startup Cache

You must delete the startup cache from Firefox browser if it freezes upon launch. First, open the Mozilla Firefox browser Firefox menu. Help > More troubleshooting information Choose and Clear startup cache.

Fix firefox not responding on pc and mac

Refresh Firefox if you are having trouble viewing the screen.

Clear Firefox’s download history

Firefox can freeze when you save files offline. It could be due to a long download history. It can be cleared by closing the Firefox menu Choose and Downloads > Clear Downloads.

Fix firefox not responding on pc and mac

Modify the Firefox Downloads folder

Firefox may not respond when you attempt to download files. You can change the default folder that Firefox saves the files.

Open the Settings Pane scroll down until you reach the Downloads Sub-section and the use of Browse Use the button to move to a new location. Removable media should be avoided for the best results.

Fix firefox not responding on pc and mac

Use Troubleshooting Mode to open Firefox

Firefox’s Troubleshoot Mode (previously Safe Mode) allows you to load the browser with no customizations or addons. It allows you to identify if the problem is caused by a third-party extension or theme.

Firefox should be closed first. Then, click the Close button Shift (PC) or Option (Macintosh) Click the Key and Relaunch the Browser. Click the button that opens in the pop-up window Open Firefox can be opened in Troubleshoot Mode.

Fix firefox not responding on pc and mac

Firefox should work in Troubleshoot Mode if it is working fine Firefox menu Choose and Add-ons and Themes. Extensions, , Themes, Plugins The following categories are available and can be used to perform:

  • You can activate each item once you have identified the problem add-ons or themes.
  • You can remove the theme/add-on.
  • All customizations and extensions that are not yet updated (you can select the icon in gear form under each category, and then choose to update) Check for updates).

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