Bluetooth not working in Windows 11 Here are 15 of the Best Solutions

Bluetooth not working in Windows 11 Here are 15 of the Best Solutions

Are you having trouble connecting or pairing Bluetooth devices with Windows 11? Are you having Bluetooth problems on your computer? This is what we will help you fix.

Windows 11 has Bluetooth problems just like every other desktop operating system. Learn how Windows 11 can fix Bluetooth issues such as disconnecting from Bluetooth devices, or if you have trouble pairing or connecting Bluetooth devices.

Bluetooth not working in windows 11? 15 best fixes to try

1. Windows 11: Check the Bluetooth status

Checking the Bluetooth status of your Windows 11 computer is a great place to start. Bluetooth devices that aren’t connected to your Windows 11 PC will often be disconnected if the Bluetooth module is inactive.

Open the Action Center and select the “Ensure that this is not the case” option Wi-Fi,, Volume, Battery icon in the upper right hand corner of your taskbar If you are unable to locate the icon, Bluetooth If icon isn’t active, click to activate it.

Check bluetooth status in windows 11

Note: Pencil Click icon to add Bluetooth, Done.

2. Bluetooth Module disabled/enabled

Turn Bluetooth off and then turn it on again. This will usually resolve any unexpected problems with your Bluetooth module.

1. Click the right-click Start button Choose and Settings.

Disable/enable bluetooth module

2. Select Bluetooth & devices The following are the Settings sidebar.

3. The next step is to disable the switch and allow it to be enabled Bluetooth.

Disable/enable bluetooth module

Toggling Airplane Mode can be done by turning it on and then switching it off. You can then reboot your wireless radios. Once again, go to the Action Center. Select the Airplane Mode icon. Wait for several seconds before you disable the icon.

3. The Automatic Bluetooth Troubleshooter is available

Windows 11 comes with a Bluetooth troubleshooter built in that can detect and fix Bluetooth problems on your computer. To run it:

1. Open Settings.

2. Click here System > Troubleshoot > Other troubleshooters.

Run the automatic bluetooth troubleshooter

3. Select Run Next to Bluetooth.

Run the automatic bluetooth troubleshooter

4. Reboot Windows 11 Computer

Another quick solution to Bluetooth issues in Windows 11 is to reboot your computer. Open the Start menu and select Power > Restart.

Reboot your windows 11 pc

5. The Bluetooth Device is now discoverable

You might have to put the Bluetooth device into discovery if it doesn’t appear when you try to pair it with your computer. This could be done by pressing and holding the button or going to its Bluetooth settings screen. For more information, refer to the FAQ online or in the documentation.

6. The Bluetooth device can be charged

Bluetooth devices with low to no charging can lead to connectivity problems and issues in pairing. Try again by charging the device and/or changing its batteries.

7. Move the device closer towards your computer

Bluetooth devices can only communicate with each other at distances of up to 30 feet. However, this is not always the case. At greater distances, Bluetooth interference caused by other objects and obstacles can significantly reduce the signal strength. If you want to pair the device with your Windows 11 computer, it is best to bring them closer.

8. Remove & Re-add Bluetooth Device

You can remove an existing Bluetooth device that is paired and reconnect it. It is possible that a corrupt Bluetooth device’s cache caused the issue.

1. You can open the Start menu Choose and Settings > Bluetooth & devices.

2. Please select the More Click icon (three dots) to locate the Bluetooth device Remove device. Then, select Remove to confirm.

Remove & re-add bluetooth device

3. SelectAdd device >> Bluetooth Add the device again.

Remove & re-add bluetooth device

9. Windows 11 compatibility checked

Windows 11 may be compatible with most devices. You can find relevant information about compatibility on the device’s packaging or in our online FAQ.

If the pairing fails, you can check with the manufacturer for the support software and drivers that you need to set it up.

10. Get Bluetooth Support Service

Windows 11 depends on the background function known as Bluetooth Support Service, which manages Bluetooth connectivity and management. You can restart a Bluetooth device to fix Bluetooth problems, such as Bluetooth disappearing from the Action Center and the Settings app.

1. Press Windows Key + R To open the Run Box, type. Then, type services.msc, Enter.

Check bluetooth support service

2. Locate Bluetooth Support Service.

3. Select the option by right-clicking Restart. Start.

Check bluetooth support service

To make things easier, you can ensure the Bluetooth service that is mentioned above runs at startup. How to do this:

1. Double-click Bluetooth Support Service.

2. Next to the drop-down menu, open it Startup type Choose and Automatic.

Check bluetooth support service

3. Select OK > Apply.

11. Updating the Bluetooth driver for your PC

Bluetooth problems in Windows 11 are not going away. You need to pay more attention to the Bluetooth driver on your computer. You can update it to see if this makes any difference. This is how you do it:

1. Click the right-click Start buttonand select Device Manager.

1 update your pc’s bluetooth driver

2. The possibilities are limitless Bluetooth category.

3. Right-click on the Bluetooth adapter – e.g, Intel(R) Wireless Bluetooth(R)—and select Update driver.

1 update your pc’s bluetooth driver

4. Select Search automatically for drivers.

1 update your pc’s bluetooth driver

5. Wait for the Device Manager to update the Bluetooth adapter before you can select Close.

Windows might not be able to automatically update its drivers. If this happens, you can search for the latest Bluetooth or motherboard driver software updates from your computer’s manufacturer. Or, You can use an driver updater tool like Driver Booster To automatically update the Bluetooth drive.

12. Windows 11 Computer Update

Windows 11 can cause Bluetooth to stop working. It is best to upgrade to the latest operating system version to correct this problem.

1. Open Settings Choose and Windows Update.

1 update your windows 11 pc

2. Select Check for updates.

1 update your windows 11 pc

3. Select Download & install All pending Windows 11 Updates must be installed.

Optionally, select Advanced options > View optional updates Install any Microsoft-verified Bluetooth driver upgrades, if they are available.

13. The Bluetooth Driver can be rolled back

Rarely will problems arise from updating your Bluetooth hardware with the most recent drivers. You can roll them back in this case.

1. Click the Bluetooth Module in Device Manager, and then click the right mouse button to select it Properties.

1 roll back the bluetooth driver

2. Select Roll Back Driver.

1 roll back the bluetooth driver

3. You can restart your computer.

14. Reinstall Bluetooth Driver

You can re-install Bluetooth on your computer in order to fix any possible corruption problems.

1. Double-click on the Bluetooth adapter in the Device Manager, and then select Uninstall device.

1 reinstall bluetooth driver

2. Make sure to check the box beside Attempt to remove the driver for this device Click Uninstall to proceed.

1 reinstall bluetooth driver

3. Start your computer. Windows 11 will automatically reinstall the basic Bluetooth drivers at startup. You can verify this by going to the Device Manager. Right-click on the Bluetooth Select, category and Scan for Hardware Changes.

15. Do an SFC or DISM Scan

Running the Windows 11’s stability can be improved with the SFC or DISM tools Fixes Bluetooth problems caused by corrupt system files These files can be downloaded here:

1. Click the right-click Start button Choose and Windows Terminal (Admin). Command PromptWindows Search (press Windows + S() and choose Run as administrator.

1 run an sfc and dism scan

2. Select Yes Click on the User Account Control Pop-up.

3. The following commands are to be executed one by one:

  • sfc /scannow
  • DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-Image /Restorehealth

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