Bluetooth 5: What is it and how can you upgrade?

Bluetooth 5: What is it and how can you upgrade?

Bluetooth, like Wi-Fi has been a very common technology for communication. Bluetooth can be used for everything, from headsets to thermostats. Bluetooth 5: What’s it? Is it possible to upgrade your PC so that Bluetooth 5 compatibility is achieved?

Here’s a brief explanation of Bluetooth 5 followed by instructions on how to upgrade or check your PC’s Bluetooth version.

What is bluetooth 5 and  upgrade?

Bluetooth 5: What’s it all about?

Bluetooth It is an extremely short-range wireless technology that can be found in nearly all modern electronic devices. This technology allows you to link devices.

You can use it to connect your smartphone to your wireless device, such as wearables (like Bluetooth earbuds), smart devices (such as smart home devices), peripherals (such wireless keyboards), or audio devices As an automobile’s stereo system ).

Bluetooth 5 was introduced as the newer version of Bluetooth in 2016. It replaces the Bluetooth 4.2. In 2017, the first Bluetooth 5-enabled devices, including the Apple iPhone 8 (Samsung Galaxy S8) were launched.

What is bluetooth 5?

Bluetooth 5.0 introduced several new features, such as increased bandwidth and data rates. Bluetooth 5.2 and Bluetooth 5.1 have further enhanced its functionality. Bluetooth 5.3 is the latest version.

Bluetooth 5.0 was more powerful than previous versions:

  1. An increased range Bluetooth connectivity at 240m (a four-fold greater range than the 60-meter limit).
  2. Double the data transfer speeds, It allows faster connections and is more consistent.
  3. Beacon technology, Businesses can beam information to customers nearby by using this service.
  4. Dual audioIt allows two devices to be connected simultaneously and improves communication with Internet of Things (IoT) devices.
  5. Increased bandwidth and message capacity A doubled audio bitrate at 2.Mbps is included, increasing the audio capability of Bluetooth headphones and Bluetooth speakers.
  6. Bluetooth Low Energycommunications, while reducing power usage and increasing the battery life for peripherals.

Each Bluetooth version is compatible with previous versions of Bluetooth, so even if they are not Bluetooth 4.2 compatible, your Bluetooth 5 smartphones will still be compatible. However, Bluetooth 4.2 devices can run them.

How do you check which Bluetooth version is yours?

To check your Windows PC Bluetooth version: :

  1. Right-click the Start Icon and Click Device Manager.
Check which bluetooth version you have
  1. Select Bluetooth To expand the dropdown men.
Check which bluetooth version you have
  1. The Bluetooth adapter for your PC will be displayed. This information is dependent on the model of your PC. Click the right click on adapter to select Properties.
Check which bluetooth version you have
  1. Select the Advanced tab.
Check which bluetooth version you have
  1. Check the Firmware Version. . The number will be followed by “LMP”. LMP stands for Link Manager Protocol. The following table shows which version of Bluetooth your computer is compatible with:
Check which bluetooth version you have
LMP VersionBluetooth Version
LMP5Bluetooth 3.0 for High-Speed Internet
LMP6Bluetooth 4.0
LMP7Bluetooth 4.1
LMP8Bluetooth 4.2
LMP9Bluetooth 5.0
LMP10Bluetooth 5.1
LMP11Bluetooth 5.2
LMP12Bluetooth 5.3

How to Update Your Computer to Bluetooth 5

You can upgrade your Bluetooth 4 compatible PC to get the best out of Bluetooth 5. You just need to buy a Bluetooth adapter compatible with the latest Bluetooth specifications and then connect it to your computer.

Disable the Built-in Bluetooth Adapter

To disable your older adapter:

  1. Right-click the Start Click here to select Device Manager.
Upgrade your pc to bluetooth 5
  1. Select Bluetooth To expand the dropdown men.
Upgrade your pc to bluetooth 5
  1. You will need to locate the Bluetooth adapter for your PC (this will be determined based on the configuration of your computer).
  2. Select the appropriate option by right-clicking on the adapter Disable device.
Upgrade your pc to bluetooth 5
  1. The message “Disabling the device will result in it stopping functioning” will be displayed. Choose Yes.

Connect the New Bluetooth Adapter

Simply plug in the adapter. You can verify that the adapter is connected correctly and your computer recognizes it:

  1. Open Start.
  2. Look for the word “Bluetooth” in your search results and choose Bluetooth and other devices settings.
Upgrade your pc to bluetooth 5
  1. If Bluetooth If the toggle switch in the ON position is pressed, the adapter will be ready for use.
Upgrade your pc to bluetooth 5

What can I do to upgrade my smartphone to Bluetooth 5?

There is no way for you to update your device if it’s not Bluetooth 5 compatible. If your smartphone or other handheld device is not Bluetooth 5-compatible, there’s no way to upgrade it. Instead you will have to get a new compatible Bluetooth 5-compatible device. You will still be able to use your existing Bluetooth 5-enabled devices.

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