Autoruns can be used to disable startup programs in Windows

Autoruns can be used to disable startup programs in Windows

Many reasons could cause your computer to not run as smooth as before. You might have a failing hard drive, RAM may be experiencing problems, Windows Operating System itself may have issues.

Bloatware is a more common cause of slow computers. Bloatware is a collection of unnecessary programs that start automatically when you turn on your computer. This slows down the system and takes up resources.

Use autoruns to disable startup programs on windows

It is good to know that there are ways around this These startup programs can be easily removed You can access it from any computer. You can view all running programs from your PC using Autoruns, a Windows utility. It has an intuitive GUI interface that makes it easy to configure them. Here’s a quick guide to how Autoruns can be used to disallow startup programs from your computer.

What are Startup Programs? And Why is it a problem?

Many services and applications are set up to automatically start when you reboot. This is a positive thing for many services, since crucial functions can be started automatically without your having to start them manually.

This is where third-party startups applications are at fault. Third-party startup apps are a problem. They add themselves to the existing list and bloat the other options. They are very rare and rarely used. After all, any app can be run when it is actually required.

This startup program increases the computer’s start time, and also consumes memory and CPU cycles. You can deactivate a small number of these programs via the The Task Manager Startup tab, The majority of startup processes are not even shown there.

How to disable startup programs using Autoruns

Autoruns can be used to disallow startup programs in a much more straightforward way than the other options (PowerShell scripts or Windows registry editing), Autoruns, even among the other startup monitoring utilities, stands out because of its clean interface and complete coverage.

  1. For more information about Autoruns click her, Download the Tool Sysinternal.
Disable startup programs with autoruns
  1. Because it’s a portable app, you just need to extract the zip file.
Disable startup programs with autoruns
  1. For 32-bit machines, run Autoruns.exe and Autoruns64.exe respectively. This utility scans your computer immediately for any startup items, and displays them in a list.
Disable startup programs with autoruns
  1. You can easily separate essential tasks by using the Verified Tag on system processes in Microsoft Windows, Nvidia or graphics card manufacturers such as Nvidia. The Verified tag also colors third-party process with purple shades, making it easy to identify them.
Disable startup programs with autoruns
  1. You can remove all of these processes The startup folder, Delete. . Autoruns will remove the registry key, and it will also delete it from the Windows startup directory.
Disable startup programs with autoruns
  1. You can also find other helpful options on this menu. For advanced users, the Jump to Entry… option. You can modify the registry key by simply opening the registry editor.
Disable startup programs with autoruns
  1. The Process Explorer… Another interesting option is the Process Explorer. You can view your selected app in Process Explorer, another SysInternals utility which provides a complete breakdown of how a process works. This requires that you Process Explorer can be downloaded and used It is also worth the additional information.
Disable startup programs with autoruns

That’s all. This list can be viewed at your leisure. You may also remove any unnecessary startup entries. You should note that not all useful utilities can be verified – 7zip is one example. Before you delete their Autoruns entries, make sure you read the program names.

Understanding the Different Tabs of Autoruns

To make it clear, Autoruns does not require you to know any information about tabs. It defaults to open in the Everything tab. Here you can find all of the startup entries that have been collected from various tabs. It is easy to remove malware or programs from this list.

Understanding the various tabs of autoruns

If you are looking to narrow down on specific categories, it is important to understand the tabs. Here’s where you can find this overview.

  • Logon: :This tab should be the first to think about in Autoruns. This tab includes almost every third-party application. Logon tab gets its information from a variety of locations on your computer. It can be found in the Start Menu or obscure Registry keys. The Logon tab provides a comprehensive account of startup programs.

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