7 Best USB Bluetooth Accessories/Dongles For Windows PC

7 Best USB Bluetooth Accessories/Dongles For Windows PC

The fact that each computer has a built-in microphone is something we almost accept as a given Bluetooth technology. . Bluetooth can be found on every phone, computer, gaming console and coffee maker!

If your desktop computer doesn’t come with Bluetooth, it is likely that the Bluetooth adapter or “dongle” won’t work. This can be done by adding it to your PCIe card, or, more easily, using a USB Bluetooth adapter

7 best usb bluetooth adapters/dongles for windows pc

These dongles are usually inexpensive but it is easy to get a dongle returned to Amazon or thrown out because it isn’t fit for its purpose. So you don’t have to search for the right one every time, we’ve collected the top examples.

What you should look for in a Bluetooth Adapter

An USB Bluetooth dongle has to be small and portable. These micro adapters are small and have an internal antenna. They sit nearly flush against the USB port. This is a good solution for anyone who wants to use wireless Bluetooth headphones and a game controller from their desks.

You should consider a larger antenna if Bluetooth is to be used at greater ranges. The antenna increases the signal range, and allows you to modify the signal’s directional strength.

What to look for in a bluetooth adapter

It’s almost always best to choose a dongle which supports the latest Bluetooth Standard. Bluetooth 5.2 was the latest version at the time of this writing. Bluetooth versions that are more recent have greater bandwidth, reduced power consumption and offer lower latency. They can also handle multiple devices at once.

Modern computers are equipped with a number of USB 2.0 ports. This means that you do not need to give up a USB 3.0 port in order to use your Bluetooth adapter. It turns out, USB 3.0 can create radio interference Bluetooth problems, So you won’t find many USB 3 dongles. The new Bluetooth standards can be used in conjunction with the older ones.

EDR or Increased Data Rate This is because it allows for better-quality audio due to faster data transfer rates. There will be less audio stuttering and interference.

Although we’ll be concentrating on Windows adapters, most of these products are compatible with macOS, Ubuntu Linux and other operating systems. Make sure you double-check compatibility before purchasing.

1. For long-range planning: ZEXMTE Bluetooth Adapter


  • Affordable price
  • Up-to-date BT features
  • Amazing range


  • Windows is the only official operating system
  • To get the best results you need to use a Bluetooth long-range receiver device

With its big external antenna, it’s easy for the ZEXMTE Bluetooth adapter to be mistaken for a Wi Fi adapter. This antenna with high gain is essential to achieve the maximum Bluetooth range. Bluetooth 5.0 EDR technology is capable of working up to 328 feet (102.5M), which is 10 times more than Bluetooth 4.0.

Best for long-range:

This makes it ideal for use in situations when you need a speaker far from your computer. It’s not just for users of desktop computers. The ZEXMTE will increase the Bluetooth range on any laptop, as opposed to an internal Bluetooth radio.

Communication goes both directions so your Bluetooth target device must be “Class 1” to enjoy the dongle’s wider range. This dongle only supports Windows 7 or higher.


  • Very inexpensive
  • Small, low-profile
  • EDR functionality and A2DP
  • Windows XP support


  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Windows-only

Bluetooth adapter UB400, which is a very affordable model of the technology, offers an older version. It is not a Bluetooth 4.0 adapter with USB 2.0 connectivity. However, it offers A2DP high quality audio streaming and EDR. This is a great nano-receiver, as long the range of 65ft (20M) is sufficient.

Best for upgrading older systems:

The best part is that it supports Windows versions up to Windows XP. If you own an older computer that you wish to re-use or to add wireless peripherals to, the UB400 will be a great deal. The UB400 is only compatible with Windows.

3. ASUS BT500


  • Bluetooth 5.0 Features in a nano package
  • ASUS has a reputation for being dependable and providing excellent support to drivers


  • The price is slightly higher than that of the competitors

The BT500 packs Bluetooth 5.0 technology within a tiny form factor for a low price. The BT500 offers all of the benefits of Bluetooth 5.0 and Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth 4.0) and allows for wireless communication with other battery-powered devices, such as console controllers.

Although it is a little more costly than comparable Bluetooth dongles in the market, ASUS is a trusted name in computer hardware. This means that you can rest assured that drivers will be updated for some time, and they will remain stable.

4. For audio, this is the best: Avantree DG80


  • Bluetooth Audio with low-lag
  • It’s truly plug-and-play. Drivers are not required
  • It’s perfect for video games, movies and glitch-free audio


  • It costs more than an average dongle
  • This can only be used to play audio and not for keyboards, or any other Bluetooth gadgets

Bluetooth is widely used in wireless audio. However, latency is a problem. Audio can sometimes lag behind the visuals when you watch a movie, or play a video game.

Best for audio:

One reason gaming headsets made for Xbox uses proprietary wireless standards is to provide virtually unaffected audio. You can’t use all Bluetooth headsets, so you have to stick with the ones that are approved by Microsoft. Bluetooth can be limited for PC gamers, making it even more difficult to use. Also, the adapter you choose will affect how much lag is experienced.

The Avnatree D80 is the answer. This dongle is audio only and does not present as a Bluetooth device adapter to the operating system. The DG80 is a USB audio device equipped with an independent Bluetooth system. The DG80 can be connected to your headset separately and has a dedicated low-lag audio connection.

This works on both Mac and PC, as well as with consoles with USB audio. Although you cannot use it for any other purpose, this will be almost always the best audio solution for wireless headphones.

5. For long-range audio, this is the best option: Avantree Leaf


  • Audio that is long-range and low-latency that can be used with any USB device


  • It works only as an adapter for audio, not any other Bluetooth connectivity

You can skip to the review of the DG80 if you don’t want to read it. We have a lot to say about the adapter, but the same applies to Avantree’s Leaf audio-only dongle.

Best for long-range audio:

The same features as Bluetooth audio, including AptX support and plug-and play, are available. This adapter is not Bluetooth compatible, but can be used to connect with other audio devices USB audio interface.

The DG80 has a DG80-like DG80, but the Leaf is a class 1 device that offers broader transmission range. You can use it up to 60ft (20m) without affecting quality and latency. Bluetooth speakers will work anywhere you are, as long as there is no obstruction to the signal. This allows you to comfortably place your headset far from your console or PC while still gaming.

6. Ideal for wide compatibilit: Kinivo PC BTD-400


  • Reliable and compatible with many other systems.


  • Only Bluetooth Version 4.0.

Amazon has nearly 11000 reviews for the Kinivo BTD-400 Bluetooth dongle. This device is rated 4.5 out of 5 stars. It is easy to understand why. While it may be only Bluetooth 4.0 compatible, the device’s strength is its wide compatibility.

Best for wide compatibility:

The BTD-400 will work with Windows versions up to Windows XP. It can also be used with Linux, Raspberry Pi and macOS. Broadcom’s venerable Broadcom chipset is the basis of the BTD-400.

Bluetooth 5.0 will be your only option if it is absolutely necessary BTD-500 This is slightly more expensive, but it’s just as reliable.

7. Windows 7 Systems Best: Bluetooth 4.0 adapter that plugs into a computer


  • Bluetooth Profiles Supported
  • Windows 7 and Vista Support
  • Customer reviews ascribe exceptional reliability


  • Only Bluetooth Version 4.0
  • Vista and Windows 7 do not support BLE

Bluetooth support for operating systems such as Windows 10 is something we take for granted, however it’s not been an industry standard for so long. Windows Vista/7, which has now ended official support for Bluetooth, doesn’t offer the same robust Bluetooth support as older versions.

Best for windows 7 systems:

This dongle supports all the Bluetooth Profiles that are available in Windows Vista and Windows 7, thanks to the Plugable driver. Bluetooth Low Energy is not supported. This is only available for Windows 8 or higher.

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